“everyone is worthy of putting themselves first.”

- Julie Amar


Welcome to Qi Knows Best! I’m Julie Amar, a Toronto-based Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist, and this is my online home. 

I’m not your typical Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist! After giving more than 40,000 treatments—over two million needles—I’m a Qi innovator! And I’m here to demystify Chinese medicine and help you improve your health and longevity by learning how to work with your Qi. 

My goal is to empower patients and give you tons of tools to work with so you can take charge of your own health. Through Chinese medicine, you can do simple preventative maintenance to keep feeling great at every stage of your life. I want this site to be a resource for you! 

I also created this site because I wanted a platform to start documenting my findings from 20 years of combined education and experience. I help my patients achieve a new level of wellness and improve their quality of life. It’s so exciting, getting to witness and experience these transformations, and I think they’re worth sharing and celebrating.

When we take a conscientious approach to putting ourselves first, it sends a ripple effect, outwards, putting the universe on notice. Everything begins to fall into place. The practice of nurturing and cultivating Qi opens the doors to abundance—and there’s plenty to go around for everyone! 

It’s never too late to start. Qi does not judge. It’s there waiting to be accessed and used to help you reach your fullest potential. 



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